Evolve 250L Biological Unit

Evolve 250L
Biological Unit

900 mm long.
690 mm wide.
735 mm tall.
2 x 110 mm inlets.
2 x 2-inch BSP outlets.
1 x 2-inch double union ball valve chamber drain.
A central vertical flow deflector prevents water traveling in a straight line from the inlet to the outlet and helps to ensure efficient mixing.
Aeration is via 2 x 20 cm central diffusers.
Air pump requirements: 80lph if stocked at full capacity.
Chamber capacity
At a 60% density by volume the unit has a capacity of up to 250 litres of moving bed K1.
Feeding volume
Using information provided by the manufacturer (Kaldnes)
50 litres of K1 can handle the waste from 250 grams of food per day.
If stocked to its maximum density this unit will allow the feeding of 1,250 grams of food per day or almost 3lb.


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