Evolve 10000 Combo Filter

Evolve 10000
Combo Filter

For Ponds Up To 10,000 Gallons

2200 mm long.
500 mm wide.
570 mm tall.
There is a 40 mm steel frame around the unit.
Up to 4 x 110 mm inlets
1 x 90 mm drum waste outlet
2 x 2-inch outlets
1 x 2-inch double union ball valve filter drain
Mechanical Filtration
The filter is fitted with the larger Origin 25 Draco drum.
Maximum flow rate is 5,500 gph (25,000lph)
Power usage; 5 watts standard or 78 if the optional water booster pump is used.
Biological Filtration.
Any combination of moving bed K1 or my specially compressed Japanese matting can be used due to the unique lift out stainless-steel media baskets.
Please state when ordering with your dealer your media preferences.

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