Evolve Filters

Evolve Filters

The Evolve range of filters were designed with the aim of giving the koi keeper for the first time the ability to custom tailor the components within their filter that most closely match their requirements and pocket. The range is based on the vastly superior horizontal flow principal. They are also available as pump or gravity fed versions.

The model number of the filter i.e. Evolve 6000 denotes the volume of pond the filter was designed to handle, in this case a 6000-gallon pond.

Once you have decided on the model of filter that matches your pond volume your next step is to decide whether for the mechanical section you wish to stick with the more standard labour intensive but cheaper brushes, in which case you can have up to three brush cartridges or go all in and opt for the self-cleaning drum filter. You can of course update your brushes at a later date for a Drum filter as and when funds are available. The drum we use is the very popular and reliable Draco drum, there are three models available to suit your pond volume and flow rate.

For the biological stage you have the option of using heavily aerated Japanese matting cartridges or moving bed technology utilising genuine K1 or both options in one filter chamber.

To explain the options, you have new improved 15mm genuine Japanese matting cartridges or high-quality lift out stainless-steel baskets with lids to house your moving bed media such as K1. On the larger Evolve 4000, 6000 and 8000 filters you can mix the media in each media bay. For instance, on the Evolve 6000 you have 3 media bays (1 per 2000 gallons), you can have all three bays containing matting cartridges, or one three bay stainless basket with moving bed K1 or one bay of matting with a two-bay stainless basket with K1. The most popular combination seems to be a basket of K1 followed by one matting cartridge.

The baskets are also ideal for housing whatever media or supplements you like. For maintenance purposes the drum and all the media can be removed from the filter in less than 60 seconds.

We also specialise in custom made filters tailored to your exact requirements please contact us for further information.

Ian Miles

Evolve Filters Ltd

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